Finding a safe and productive way of handling pallets in narrow aisles or spaces has always been a challenge. Combilift have taken their Articulating VNA Aisle-Master concept and applied it to the powered pallet truck with the Combi-CS.

Developed to offer optimum narrow aisle performance and enhanced safety for operators, the Combi-CS features a patented multi-position tiller arm which can be turned to the left or right of the rear drive wheel, allowing the operator to remain at the side of the machine as it enters or exits a pallet.

This position eliminates the risk of operators being trapped or crushed between the back of the machine and racking when handling products. It also allows for full visibility of the load, the forks and surrounding as the operator does not need to look through the mast and therefore enables higher awareness of other pedestrians in the vicinity.

The Combilift Evolution @dding the CS to our line of products

The Combilift CS (Counter Stacker) provides ease of use, safety in the material and tool handling – and allowing any kind of pallet to be handled in an absolute minimum of space !

The operator’s working position alongside the unit also enables aisle widths to be narrowed down. With the length from the back of the unit to the face of the forks of just 1050mm, the Combi-CS, with a load capacity of 1000kg @ 500mm offers space saving operation and can also block stack standard pallets for maximum use of storage capacity.

Low effort AC power steering and a display monitor on the tiller arm are further advantages. The standard 2.5m mast comes with mast tilt as standard and is also available in a range of options. The powerful high capacity 375Ah battery guarantees constant availability even throughout long shifts and its roll out design enables quick and easy changing.

“Where possible and depending on the loads to be handled, there is a growing preference for pedestrian trucks due to the reduced risk that they pose,” said Combilift MD Martin McVicar. “Lower costs and quick and easy operator training are further attractions for customers.”

A platform version is also available, allowing operators to maintain the articulating capabilities whilst also transporting pallets over longer distances. Contact us today for a great deal and support package or find out more about the CS-Ride On below, or visit here: Combilift-CS Specification.

Combi-CS Ride On

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