Any forklift service company is only as good as its service engineers and controllers, fact! That’s why Jofson invests heavily in its team of engineers ensuring they are trained in all makes and models of materials handling equipment.

Uptime is of paramount importance to our customers and at Jofson we strive to ensure we are on site in record time, and that we have a first time fix rate that is among the best in the industry.

Diagnosing problems and repairing them quickly is what we are all about but sometimes we do wish we had a way of going back to the start of the day and repeating it over again with the knowledge we’ve gained so we can get the truck back in operation even faster, a bit like…

February 2nd, Punxsutawney, Pensylvania and TV Meteorologist Phil Connors grudgingly gives his report on Groundhog Day. It’s clear to see, Phil does not like his job or the festivities going on around him and wants to get it over with as quickly as possible. After packing up and looking to head home to Pittsburgh, Phil learns that a blizzard has put paid to all travel and Phil is forced to spend the night in Punxsutawney.

The next morning Phil wakes up to find he is reliving February 2nd, the day plays out exactly as before but only Phil is aware of the time loop he is trapped in. This continues for many days with Phil waking to “I got you babe” by Sonny and Cher every day, despite taking advantage of the situation by stealing money, getting drunk, seducing women and even committing suicide.

Phil’s situation stays the same until he realises he must improve himself at which point he spends days helping people, saving lives and eventually falling in love, after which he wakes up with the love of his life by his side on February 3rd and the time loop is over.

In the film, Bill Murray’s character gets many chances to put things right but according to the writers of the 1993 comedy this took approximately 34 years.

Back to real life and a breakdown call from a customer results in the need for a forklift service engineer to attend site. The service controller takes the call, highlights the closest available engineer and after entering the job on the system the engineer has all the details sent to his PDA and he heads out on his way.

Upon arrival at site, our engineer has a short window of time to get the fault diagnosed and the truck repaired and back in operation. Unlike Phil Connors, our forklift service engineers do not have the luxury of a time loop that we can stay in until we get the job right, we get one chance to ensure the truck is up and running and the customer does not suffer any more downtime than is necessary.

Whilst Groundhog Day would be a nice addition to our skillset, without it our engineers just have to rely on the skill and experience they have to ensure that our customers’ trucks are in operation for the maximum amount of time.