Now that the Leeds and Reading festivals are behind us, and we’ve had our fair share of late summer rain, it’s safe to say that festival season is well and truly over.

After a weekend of live music, mudslides and camping, you might be thinking – how can the experience be improved next year? Well, we have the answer.

Forklift attachments come in handy for a wide range of applications, and many of our customers are using jibs, clamps, man-up platforms and loads of other attachments in their distribution centres.

But we’ve come up with a few completely unique uses for future music festivals!

Crowd surf without losing shoes

Now your celebrities can have the freedom of crowd surfing, without thefear of losing articles of clothing to over-enthusiastic fans.





Make short acts taller

Is one of your acts much shorter than you realised when you booked? They will make much more of an impact when they’re stood on a man-up platform six-foot above the fans heads.







Put the super in superstar
If your headline act isn’t getting the attention they deserve, make your crowd believe they have the power of levitation. This is sure to get the crowd going, as well as making your headliner feel even more like a god.







The show must go on
Remember, if one of your most popular acts gets into a spot of bother, it doesn’t have to resort to a last-minute fill-in. Rockstars are never defeated!


Fork-mounted fun for everyone
We are of course joking about swinging celebs around with jibs and clamps, but we had to have one last bit of fun before we return to our usual sensible selves for Safetember. But remember, we do have a wide selection of attachments available to make life easier (and safer) when handling materials that aren’t on pallets. Learn more about our range of forklift attachments or get in touch today to find out more.