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Boost productivity with forklift attachments from Jofson

Jofson is now offering forklift attachments for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s a clamp, jib, brush, skip or load protection – there’s a world of attachments available to expand the usefulness of your forklift trucks.

The Basil

This low-cost fork mounted brush offers a highly efficient solution for builders’ merchants, garden centres and other business with loose granule products like sand, top soil or grain.

Dubbed ‘The Basil’, the brush comes in a regular or ‘mini’ version, adding the option of use in smaller or tighter areas that need cleaning, like narrow doorways.

The durable blue nylon brushes provide over 400 miles of performance, and can even be used to efficiently sweep standing water or snow! With unique interchangeable bristles, customers can easily switch their location within the brush head, to ensure even wear and extended product life.

Watch it in action here!

Load protection

Load protection attaches magnetically to fork uprights, providing a 25mm encapsulated foam pad to cushion impact when loading and unloading and prevent collision damage with the fork carriage.

The units are available to suit standard 80mm wide, 100mm wide and 125mm wide forks, but can be manufactured to suit any size or configuration of fork upright.

Most products on the market are there to protect either the forks or the operator, but damage to loads can be dangerous, cause further transportation difficulties down the line, and prove very costly.

Auto Tipping Skip

Businesses committed to maximising recycling and minimising landfill have increased in numbers in recent years, with various providers offering comprehensive collection and recycling services to all types of industry groups and businesses throughout the UK.

Whilst the move towards a ‘zero waste economy’ has been generally welcomed by the government, injuries from falls are an increasing concern.

A unique mechanism on the Auto Tipping Skip ‘unlocks’ the tipping action when the base is lowered to the edge of the receiving skip, with a secondary locking mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. A combination of gravity and truck movement returns the attachment to its original position.

The auto-tip function is available as a bolt-on item to the standard tipping skip, allowing customers to upgrade as their business grows.

Hydraulic Gritter

A hydraulically driven salt spreader/gritter for use with forklift trucks, with conveniently placed fork pockets which allow attachment to the lift tines in a safe and effective manner.

It is hydraulically driven from the forklift truck’s third service valve or side shift valve.

The stainless steel double auger system can spread all types of salt, wet or dry, brown or white, with a 0.20m³ hopper capacity to take approximately 250kg of salt.

Front mounted gives weight to the driving wheels.

The Basil can tackle the cleaning of all areas without the expense of purchasing floor cleaning equipment. Optional left and right hand sweep gives you the versatility of clearing your yard, roadway, footpaths or warehouse, whilst thumbscrew retention makes it simple and quick to attach.

Spacers that attach to the blade of a fork can prevent loads from reaching the fork backrest, thus avoiding contact damage, but by creating a gap they can also allow loads to be unstable. Our Wu Bumps cushion the load, wrapping around the top and sides of the fork to avoid sideways movement of the buffer. The thick foam pad is encapsulated in a polyuria coating, designed to be hard wearing and tear resistant whilst offering a soft feel for protection for the load.

Most skips carried by forklifts require a forward tipping action to unload, but the height and design of these super-sized skips often sees operators standing on mud guards or climbing the side of the yard skip to reach the release mechanism. Our solution has a specially designed auto-tip mechanism that eliminates the need to get out of the cab, which is the safest place for operators.

Keep your yard and outdoor areas clear of snow and ice without having to purchase or hire additional equipment. This attachment is easily fixed to the forks on your forklift and utilizes the forklift hydraulics from the third service valve or side shift valve on your truck.

Attachments in Action

Other attachments

  • Load protection

  • Tipping skips

  • Grit scoops

  • Man up cages

  • Fork-mounted brushes

  • Hydraulic gritters / salt spreaders

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