A new next-level order picker from Mitsubishi is giving operators ‘happy feet’, after it was revealed that – over the course of a year, VELiA EM operators cover fewer picking miles when entering/exiting their machines.

The ultra-low step height on the VELiA EM – at just 160 mm – leads the class – in some cases by up to 45 per cent. As well as reducing the risk of trips and falls, it significantly reduces the time and effort necessary board the platform.

On some next-level order pickers, operatives must ‘climb’ up to seven miles a year more through the course of their work – purely from that difference in height.

A spokesperson said: “Like all of our VELiA order pickers, the next-level VELiA EM benefits from our decades of fast-picking experience. It’s been engineered to maximise picking efficiency.

“And that begins with your operator. After all, that person is your machine’s most costly component… and order picking is your operation’s most costly task.”

In developing VELiA EM, which is available in 1200 mm and 1800 mm configurations, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks aimed to engineer a next-level order picker which would unlock operator’s picking potential.

Its operators compartment underlines this commitment. Its ultra-low step height together with an extra-wide entry (603 mm) allow operator virtually effortless access. Easy-grab handles and a super-grip floor give operators confidence, while reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls.