Established in 1977, Jofson Limited is one of the largest independent suppliers of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment in Birmingham and Manchester.

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New fleet of LPG Mitsubishi forklifts

Warrington based M and S Transport, a member of The Pallet Network, have taken delivery of a new fleet of Mitsubishi LPG forklift’s supplied by Jofson. These machines were chosen over a previous make, due to their short chassis dimensions allowing them to work comfortably between two double deck trailers, whilst still being able to handle up to 2 ton. Additionally the standard sealed underside and wheel arches were considered by M and S as a big bonus as their previous fleet suffered issues with shrink-wrap being drawn into the engine bay and damaging the fans. Jofson also supplied FTC Speed Zoning which automatically drops the truck speed to a crawl in designated location’s to enhance site safety plus the trucks were fitted with Mitsubishi’s Load Weight Indication system – this helps the operator to identify pallets that are labelled with wrong weight, again enhancing safety on site, as opposed to having to stop and place the pallet on a floor scale, thus increasing productivity and throughput #MS Transport #TPN #Jofson #Mitsubishi #FTC