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Specialist Equipment

Exceptional Warehouse Machinery For Any Application

Specialist Equipment

For specific applications, our specialist machinery is purpose-designed for performance

Baumann Sideloaders

Sideloaders are often preferred over multi-directional machines where factors such as travel speed and distance, ground conditions, load stability and comfort are more important to the user. Baumann is a world-class manufacturer of side loaders with a reputation for innovation and the highest levels of design and productivity. For over 50 years the company has designed and built machines to effectively handle long products such as timber, plastics, concrete or metals.

Combilift Equipment

Combilift is the global leading manufacturer of specialist solutions for the safe, space-saving and highly productive handling of long and bulky products, containers, oversized loads and palletised goods. Its range includes multidirectional forklifts and sideloaders, compact Combi-CB counterbalance design 4-way forklifts, stand-on trucks, straddle carriers and mobile gantries – all customised to individual customer requirements. The ever-growing range of pedestrian reach and counterbalance stackers can operate in confined spaces whilst offering the highest levels of safety for operators and other personnel nearby.

Hako Cleaning

Providing high-performance total cleaning solutions, Hako is perfectly suited for use in commercial and industrial settings. Their extensive range of professional cleaning equipment includes pedestrian, ride-on scrubbers and sweepers. As well as traditional industrial models the Hako range also includes Roboscrub. This AI-powered machine is designed to work safely and effectively, by using the BrainOS system to navigate even the most complex, workplace environments.