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Warehouse Equipment

Flexible, practical, and equipped for the highest level

Mitsubishi Warehouse Pad Pallet, Reach, Picker & Stacker Trucks

Warehouse Equipment

Ranging from order pickers to pallet trucks, every part of our Warehouse Equipment range is purpose-built to perform. Manufactured with the same guarantee of quality and reliability that comes as standard with the Mitsubishi Forklift Truck range, productivity is maximised with a catalogue of market-leading features.

Power Pallet Truck

Sealed, protected, and specifically designed for low maintenance needs in every system, our power pallet trucks are built to cope with the most demanding of conditions. In spite of uneven ground, splashing water, dust and rough treatment, they just keep on working. With intuitive handling via the simple-to-use tiller arm, from the safety and comfort of the ergonomic platform, your operator is always secure, confident and in full control. Our Mitsubishi power pallet trucks also include pedestrian, for transport across short and medium distances.

Reach Trucks

With class-leading travel speeds of up to 14km/h, Mitsubishi reach trucks are easily tailored to your needs with a choice of three performance modes. Generous on operator space and comfort, Mitsubishi Sensia drives productivity higher through its futuristic fingertip control system – the most sensitive and accurate in the world. With its progressive, modulated fingertip response curves, it delivers a ‘feel’ and an accuracy that put drivers in total control. Together with the ergonomic armrest, Sensia EM ensures operators stay focused, safe and productive – even through the longest shifts.

Picker Trucks

The Award-Winning VELiA low-to-high-level order picker range, developed for efficient and productive order picking, is full of smart features. Living up to Mitsubishi’s impressive reputation, the range meets the needs of distribution centres and fast-pick applications, exactly.

Designed to take on any challenge a warehouse may present, the VELiA range combines versatile operating modes and operator-friendly features, to provide unrivalled picking performance. No matter what the picking height, the EM, ES and EX will excel in any application and deliver outstanding productivity.

Stacker Trucks

The compact and versatile Mitsubishi stacker range includes the AXiA ES, which gives exceptional productivity in every setting. Capable of working in the tightest spaces, our stacker trucks deliver the highest performance, precise steering input and unparalleled operator comfort. Easy to operate in even the most demanding of warehouses, our stackers are capable of handling to over 5m and keeping up with intensive loading bay operations.

The Mitsubishi stacker range includes pedestrian-operated, stand-on and sit-on trucks, all offer unrivalled performance and intuitive controls within a compact design that make them perfect for navigating narrow warehouse aisles.

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