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Jofson offers the full Mitsubishi warehouse range, from order pickers to pallet trucks and reach trucks to stackers; every part of the extensive warehouse range with the same guarantee of quality and reliability that comes with the Mitsubishi name.

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Mitsubishi pallet transfer trucks are a popular solution for safe, quick and easy load handling in stores, warehouses and loading docks. With extremely strong, endurance-tested and well-protected construction, they feature fewer wear parts and a low energy consumption.


Whether it’s super-intuitive controls, market-leading lift heights, or any of our countless safety innovations, there are so many reasons to make Mitsubishi the heartbeat of your warehouse.


Developed for non-stop performance in the most challenging environments and the tightest spaces, PREMIA ES pedestrian power pallet trucks offer you a comprehensive range of transfer possibilities. Whether you are upgrading from a hand pallet truck, doing short shuttle work or looking for a truck prepared to go the distance, there is a PREMIA model which will meet your needs.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Oil-filled, sealed transmission

  • High-efficiency electronic system

  • Versatile battery compartments

  • High stability

  • Market-leading lift heights

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Order picking can be the slowest, most costly step in all material handling. That’s why it’s important to get the most from your operation’s performance. When developing the award-winning VELiA family of low level order pickers, our primary aim was to deliver exceptional productivity through unrivalled ergonomics and driveability.

When it comes to high-performance, VELiA is supremely productive in all picking modes, thanks to complete, precise and instinctive control, coupled with class-leading comfort. The result? Order picking at its very best.

Our compact, easy-to-use and highly versatile family of AXiA stackers give you the exceptional productivity you need to meet your goals… whatever the setting.
That’s because AXiA’s been engineered to deliver big performance in small settings. And with capacities up to 1.6 tonnes and reaching heights up to 5.4 metres, it gives you the flexibility you need.

Working fast in a tight space. A tricky load from 13 metres racking. A high pressure deadline with no room for error. One thing’s for certain: driving a reach truck takes concentration. That’s why Mitsubishi designed its SENSiA range – a high performance family of reach and multi-way trucks where every aspect helps your operators to stop thinking about the controls, so they can focus on the task at hand.
Our industry-leading controls respond naturally to the pressure of touch, while our spacious easy-access cabin is free from distractions and offers exceptional visibility. Our progressive steering feels perfect at every speed, while acceleration, mast and cornering are familiar and smooth. It’s simply instinctive.

Mitsubishi PREMiA pallet transfer trucks are supremely versatile in stores, warehouses and on loading docks. Their strong, well-protected construction is endurance-tested and has fewer breakable components and wear parts for a longer service life and lower maintenance.

Costs are further reduced by PREMiA’s low energy consumption.

Top quality doesn’t need to come at a high price. Our low-cost hand pallet – trucks give you everything you need to do the job – plus a whole lot more. Built to the standards you’d expect from a world-leading manufacturer, these hard-wearing trucks are engineered for maximum strength and durability. Low-maintenance features, such as the quick-fit steer wheel and self-lubricating components, reduce downtime.

Our electric hand pallet trucks are also ideal for many applications, with a quick-charging lithium-ion battery and brushless AC motors to offer a low-cost alternative for transporting loads up to 1.2 tonnes.

Mitsubishi Hand Pallet Trucks


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