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Powered Pallet Trucks

Powerful & Practical

Mitsubishi Pallet Transfer Trucks

Powered Pallet Trucks

Sealed, protected, and specifically designed for low maintenance needs in every system, our power pallet trucks are built to cope with the most demanding of conditions. In spite of uneven ground, splashing water, dust and rough treatment, they just keep on working.

With intuitive handling via the simple-to-use tiller arm, from the safety and comfort of the ergonomic platform, your operator is always secure, confident and in full control. Our Mitsubishi pallet trucks also include pedestrian, for transport across short and medium distances.

5 Top Features

1. Powerful, Efficient Drive Motors

Featuring powerful, sealed AC drive motors our powered pallet trucks deliver high power. This gives excellent traction and ramp performance, ensuring transport of goods is secure and time-efficient. Our powered pallet truck range are also fully programmable for all control characteristics.

2. Strong Chassis

The high-visibility design is purpose-built to maximise both the fork tips and the working area for the operator. The robust construction of the forks guarantees the highest stability, for a long, trouble-free operation. Closed chassis pallet trucks also offer full protection and comfort for operating over long-distances.

3. Higher Capacity Batteries

With high capacity batteries available in both British and Din sizes, our powered pallet trucks can run longer, and more efficiently. This gives your business more time to transport goods and maximise productivity.

4. Robust Fork Construction

Tapered fork tips and tandem rollers make retrieving and dropping off goods as simple as possible. The high-strength construction also maximises reliability no matter the environment, with a market-leading lift height of 135mm on certain models giving maximum clearance.

5. Operator Comfort

The Mitsubishi pallet truck range includes a range of operation configurations, including pedestrian, stand on, stand in and sit on. Designed with the operator in mind the optional ergonomic levers make extended use comfortable, while the creep speed function with tiller arm bypass increases manoeuvrability.

Pallet Trucks

Model Load Capacity
PBF25N2 2500kg
PBP16N2 1600kg
PBP18N2 1800kg
PBP20N2 2000kg
PBP20N2E 2000kg
PBP20N2R 2000kg
PBS20N 2000kg
PBV20ND 2000kg
PBV20N2 2000kg