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End of the road for diesel?

From 1st April, you will no longer be allowed to use reduced-duty Red Diesel in a forklift unless it’s used for agriculture, horticulture, fish farming or forestry. You’ll also need to drain and flush any on-site diesel tanks.

In short, it’s the end of the road for red diesel… but not for flexible, reliable and game-changing performance.

Meet the remarkable new Mitsubishi EDiA electric counterbalance truck. It does everything a diesel can do – only better (and much, much cheaper).

Based on industry-standard tests, over a typical 5 year contract, switching from a 2.5 tonne diesel to the electric EDiA could save you £16,000. 


Capacities from 1.4 – 5.5 Tonnes.

But that’s not all. Here’s what only the Mitsubishi EDiA delivers: 

  • Electric Diff-Lock for extra traction on hostile ground conditions, indoors or outside
  • Intelligent Cornering automatically adjusts speed for smoother, safer turning
  • Four-wheel steering for maximum grip and unrivalled manoeuvrability
  • Ultra-compact with best-in-class turning circle – increasing your storage density 
  • Car comfort cabin with rubber-mount suspension for smooth, ultra-quiet ride and exceptional 360 degree visibility

Adaptive Lift Control/Passive Sway Control ensure smooth, jolt-free operations regardless of load weight or lift/lower speed

Importantly, maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries mean non-stop performance with no battery changes, no topping up and no maintenance, just rapid charging during breaks. It’s even easier than taking a diesel to the pump!

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