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Forklift Rentals

Tough and Reliable Forklifts for Rental

Instinctive driving, legendary reliability, lower running costs.

Forklift Rentals

In need of a quick, flexible solution, many forklift owners make the switch to renting their forklift trucks.

Sudden breakdowns, high demand or large unexpected orders can all affect your forklift capacity, causing the whole business to slow down and risk delays and missed deadlines. Under these circumstances, renting an extra truck can make all the difference and help you retain productivity and efficiency.

Here at Jofson Limited, we have a range of forklifts and warehouse and speciality equipment ready for rental across the Birmingham and Manchester. The equipment you receive will be expertly maintained, safe and appropriate for any use.

Counterbalance Range

If you are experiencing a shortage of forklifts and are in need of a temporary solution, you can count on Mitsubishi Forklifts. Full of smart features, the Mitsubishi counterbalance forklift range has been expertly engineered to make your business more productive and profitable. Whether you’re looking to rent an engine or an electric truck, Mitsubishi provides the unrivalled manoeuvrability, power and reliability you expect.

Warehouse Range

Including everything from order pickers to pallet trucks and reach trucks to stackers, the extensive warehouse range from Mitsubishi forklifts has been designed with maximum quality and reliability in mind. Including all the clever features such as intuitive controls, market-leading lift heights and a range of safety innovations, the Mitsubishi range will bring an outstanding amount of benefits to your warehouse.