Established in 1977, Jofson Limited is one of the largest independent suppliers of forklift trucks and materials handling equipment in Birmingham and Manchester.

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Switching from Mitsubishi LPG to electric

Switching from Mitsubishi LPG to Electric meant a higher initial investment, which was easily outweighed by a lower overall cost of ownership for JCI International. The other benefit of the Mitsubishi electric that was picked up straight away by the operator was the fact that as the truck is shorter than the previous LPG unit and coupled with Mitsubishi Four wheel steering, the truck is far easier to turn in a container and in the warehouse aisles, thus making things safer and easier. Additionally there are no brake pads on this machine, the electromagnetic braking system takes this requirement away and the brake is always on until the accelerator is pressed, combined with an anti roll back, make this truck ideal for container operations. As Mitsubishi offer Electric, LPG and Diesel forklifts, we can carry out a free unbiased comparison of the best choice of energy/fuel for your operation. #JCI International #Making the switch #Mitsubishi #Jofson