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Diesel & LPG Forklifts

Outstanding performance.

Exceptional Diesel & LPG Mitsubishi Forklifts

Diesel & LPG  Engine Forklifts

Developed to help your operator achieve maximum productivity while minimising running costs, Mitsubishi sets the highest standards for IC engine counterbalance forklift trucks.

With its exceptional fuel economy, durable components and low-maintenance design, GRENDiA makes perfect business sense. What’s more, it comes with a package of advanced features, fitted as standard that offers true value for money.

Fast, stable and exceptionally powerful, these forklift trucks offer a potent combination of high efficiency, low emissions and very low noise levels.

To that, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has added a host of ergonomic features to maximise comfort, control and precision. The result is a forklift that can be relied upon to deliver top performance, whatever the application, whatever the conditions.

5 Top Features Engine

1. Operator Compartment & Controls

All-round visibility from the operator compartment helps keep give operators a clear view, with low noise to prevent distraction and hearing fatigue. The adjustable, full-suspension seat and hydrostatic steering keep comfort during use at maximum, with a clear, comprehensive control panel for operation.

2. Integrated Presence System (IPS2)

Ensures safety when the operator is not present for more than 2 seconds, by isolating drive and hydraulic functions automatically. PIN-access is included as standard to prevent misuse by unauthorised operators.

3. Sophisticated Diesel & LPG Engines

All engines offer low fuel consumption and emissions, with low maintenance DPF filter on Diesel trucks, for 4 tonne and above, and a unique 3-way catalytic converter on LPG models. Advanced speed control is fitted as standard on LP Gas, for optimum safety.

4. In-Built Engine Protection System

To protect the engine in the event of overheating, both LPG and Diesel Mitsubishi forklifts have a two-stage protection system. Firstly the machine is slowed, then fully shut down to keep the engine safe and prevent damage.

5. Sealed Chassis

Tough, full belly guard construction and sealed wheel arches reduce the risk of foreign objects entering and damaging the engine compartment. This also reduces noise and dust pollution while in use.

Engine Types

Model Load Capacity
FD15N 1500kg
FD18N 1800kg
FD20CN 2000kg
FD20N 2000kg
FD25N 2500kg
FD30N 3000kg
FD35N 3500kg
FD40NB 4000kg
FD45NB 4500kg
FD50CNB 5000kg
FD50NB 5000kg
FD55NB 5500kg
FGC35K 3500kg
FGC40K 4000kg
FGC40K STC 4000kg
FGC45K C 4500kg
FGC45K STC 4500kg
FGC55K 5500kg
FGC55K STC 5500kg
FGC60K 6000kg
FGC70K 7000kg
FGC70K STC 7000kg
FG15N 1500kg
FG18N 1800kg
FG20CN 2000kg
FG20N 2000kg
FG25N 2500kg
FG30N 3000kg
FG35N 3500kg
FG40N 4000kg
FG45N 4500kg
FG50CN 5000kg
FG50N 5000kg
FG55N 5500kg