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Electric Forklifts

Precise handling, made simple.

Mitsubishi electric powered forklift trucks

Electric Forklifts

Meet the EDiA EM and EX range. It’s the most intelligent truck on the market and one of the most durable. Packed with features, it delivers the manoeuvrability, power and reliability you expect from a Mitsubishi electric forklift.

Designed and engineered to perform, these 48-volt three and four-wheel and 80-volt 4 wheel electric trucks work intuitively, tailoring their performance to your forklift operator.

EDiA EM and EX’s sophisticated software analyses behaviour in real-time and automatically adjusts the truck’s behaviour for safe-but-productive performance.

5 Top Features

1. Operator Compartment & Controls

Large, ultra-comfortable operating space with unparalleled 360° visibility, thanks to the optimised mast, dashboard, counterweight and wheel. Touch-sensitive fingertip controls give precise and effortless movement, with optimised pedal positioning and exceptional footwell space for additional comfort.

2. Passive Sway Control & Mast Assembly

Passive Sway Control dampens any elevated load motion above 3.5m by compensating with micro chassis movements, maximising productivity and operator comfort. The optimised free-lift cylinder gives optimum visibility and allows you to manoeuvre areas with lower ceilings with ease.

3. Sensitive Drive System (SDS)

Sensitive Drive System (SDS) smooths movements, increases agility and adapts to the speed of operators’ foot movements, giving graduated performance. This intuitive driver-assist maximises both safety and efficiency by compensating for velocity and steering angle.

4. Steering System

The ergonomic, self-centred steering wheel is perfectly weighted for maximum control. Highly responsive, time-saving 360° steering is available on many models. Intelligent Curve Control (ICS) senses the angle of a turn and responds automatically, to keep workspaces safe and reduce tyre wear.

5. Lithium-Ion Battery Option

Offering 40% greater efficiency than traditional lead-acid, using lithium-ion battery power also minimises the risk of operator error.

Electrical Types

Model Load Capacity
FB14ANT 1600kg
FB16ACN 1600kg
FB16ACNT 1600kg
FB16AN 1600kg
FB16ANT 1600kg
FB18ACN 1800kg
FB18ACNT 1800kg
FB18AN 1800kg
FB18ANT 1800kg
FB20AN 2000kg
FB20ANT 2000kg
FB25CN-80E 2500kg
FB25N-80E 2500kg
FB30CN-80E 3000kg
FB30N-80E 3000kg
FB35N-80E 3500kg
FB40 2 4000kg
FB40C 2 4000kg
FB40S 2 4000kg
FB45 2 4500kg
FB45C 2 4500kg
FB50 2 5000kg
FB50S 2 5000kg