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Baumann Side Loaders

Outstanding performance.

Baumann Side Loader

Sideloaders are often preferred over multi-directional machines where factors such as travel speed and distance, ground conditions, load stability and comfort are more important to the user.

Baumann is a world-class manufacturer of side loaders with a reputation for innovation and the highest levels of design and productivity. For over 50 years the company has designed and built machines to effectively handle long products such as timber, plastics, concrete or metals.

Baumann is renowned as an innovator, especially in the areas of safety and productivity. Auto-deck levelling, incredible turning circles and the award-winning VRS outreach system have transformed sideloader design.

Diesel models, from 3 to 50 tonnes capacity, remain popular in heavy outdoor applications such as steelworks, timber yards or fabricators, with new electric models (3 tonnes to 8 tonnes capacity) becoming the norm for merchants and the plastics pipes and extrusions sectors.

The latest 120v ELX is the first electric sideloader under four metres in length that retains a full well width and ground clearance. The bespoke battery offers incredible work cycles, provides a cleaner working environment and is cheap to run. Cost-saving, of course, is a big factor, but so too is noise, and those looking to cut noise pollution are often amazed at the difference.