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Stackers Trucks

A big lift in a small package

Mitsubishi electric stacker forklifts

Stacker Trucks

The compact and versatile Mitsubishi stacker range includes the AXiA ES, which gives exceptional productivity in every setting. Capable of working in the tightest spaces, our stacker trucks deliver the highest performance, precise steering input and unparalleled operator comfort. Easy to operate in even the most demanding of warehouses, our stackers are capable of handling to over 5m and keeping up with intensive loading bay operations.

The Mitsubishi stacker range includes pedestrian-operated, stand-on and sit-on trucks, all offer unrivalled performance and intuitive controls within a compact design that make them perfect for navigating narrow warehouse aisles.

5 Top Features

1. Regenerative Braking System

Regenerative braking conserves expanded energy, for extended life, and reduces brake wear keeping maintenance costs low and downtime minimised. For optimum workspace safety, the parking brake is also applied automatically, reducing the risk of injury or damaged goods.

2. Robust Chassis

Offering the highest level of visibility while in operation, Mitsubishi stackers also have a sealed chassis to give durability and maximum operator protection. AXiA ES models also have a waterproof IP54 chassis and components for operation in the outdoors, giving flexibility and ensuring efficiency.

3. Powerful Drive Motor

Powerful AC motors as standard in all stacker trucks give an unparalleled, powerful performance. All Mitsubishi models offer high drive speed and acceleration, even when loaded,

4. Advanced Programmable Controller

The programmable controller, not only offers increased durability by using 30% less wiring, but also gives ECO and PRO operation modes. Ecological (ECO) is optimised naturally and economically in any work environment, making it ideal for new and inexperienced staff. Professional (PRO) allows experienced drivers the highest-performance capabilities.

5. Operator Environment & Controls

Keeping operators safe and comfortable, our Mitsubishi stacker trucks feature easy-to-operate tiller arms with built-in crawl function of low-speed movement. Sit-on trucks also feature full suspension seating and full power steering for comfortable use over even the longest of shifts. Optional PIN-code access also keeps use restricted to authorised operators only.

Stacker Trucks

Model Load Capacity
SBP10N2 1000kg
SBP10N2R 1000kg
SBP12N2 1200kg
SBP12N2I 1200kg
SBP12N2IR 1200kg
SBP12N2R 1200kg
SBP14N2 1400kg
SBP14N2I 1400kg
SBP14N2IR 1400kg
SBP14N2R 1400kg
SBP16N2 1600kg
SBP16N2I 1600kg
SBP16N2IR 1600kg
SBP16N2R 1600kg
SBP16N2S 1600kg
SBP16N2SR 1600kg
SBR12N 1200kg
SBR16N 1600kg
SBR16NI 1600kg
SBR20N 2000kg
SBS15N 1500kg
SBS15NI 1500kg
SBS20N 2000kg
SBV16N 1600kg
SBV16NI 1600kg
SBV16NS 1600kg